Walking Bodies, Becoming Wavicles*

 spring equinox, beltane and summer solstice 02023 (images Ro Burr)

WB/BW (Walking Bodies, Becmoming Wavicles) is a research platform for people to collectively learn from rooting themselves, creating a sense of belonging, slowing down, and immersing themselves with the locality of the land and the people that we collectively live with through Walking. Using embodied social change, transformative justice and somatics, we make space for (day)dreaming, rest and social change to speculate on alternative urban and non-urban futures and support all life-forms.

We host and facilitate seasonal events celebrating the Pagan Sabbats. Occasionally we collaborate and invite artists and makers to contribute to our programme.

The project was initiated by Juliet (Jules) Davis-Dufayard, Sophie Dandanell and Effy Fu. 

*wavicle: an element of Emergent Strategy (adrienne maree brown): “the wavicle, or wave-particle duality, suggests that all objects exhibit both wave and particle properties. (...) This wave nature gives this measurement a curious property: the more certain we are about either speed or position, the more uncertain we become about the other. Uncertainty/doubt. Valuing both process and outcome.”